Our Villages and Our Love Pods

Here you'll see what a LOV+R village can look like at a festival.
All our designs are tailored to meet your specific requirements.
We can change the size of the village, the number of Love Pods, and even the theme of the camp.
(See what we did for the Hellfest!)
Get in touch to talk about your needs.

Entrance of the Village LOV+R at a festival.
Festival-Goers are asked to download our app on their phones to access the LOV+R village.


Our village is fenced,
Our team is here to welcome, monitor and clean.
We offer a bar, a lounge, an education and prevention desk, toilets
Our pods are made in one way mirror and are only accessible with a booking.
Slots are 25 or 55 min, leaving us 5 min to clean the pods between sessions.


Our Love Pods are made in One Way Mirror.
Meaning you can see what's going on inside, but from inside, you can see all your surroundings.


Our Love Pods are built locally, using recycled materials,
and our Eco-friendly villages are Solar Powered.


A question?

We're available for festivals, city centers and private events.