We design LOVE PODS.
Safe, clean and private spaces for
rest, meditation and intimacy at festivals.
Wait.. that's not all..
Our Love Pods are also real art experiences!
Welcome to LOV+R

47Mfestival-goers, US and Europe each year
39%have sex at festivals
30%Women victim of sexual harassment

Why we're SO cool...

Designed by women for everyone

You're in a safe place.

Our team is specially trained, and our locations are under continuous surveillance. In addition, fences ensure that our sites are only accessible to those with reservations.

Cleanliness is our top obsession.

We are absolutely committed to cleanliness. Our Love Pods are meticulously cleaned after every booking, and you'll find fresh sheets and towels waiting for you.

Our team is here for you!

Our team has all your needs covered, from toothbrushes and phone chargers to protection. We're here to for you :)

Prevention Desk
Trained Team

How It Works

Find us :)

Our Love Pods are available at some festivals already.
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Book a slot

Fill in the booking form
and make a reservation!
It's that simple!
You can also book by emailing us
or at our front desks at the festivals directly.

Have fun!

Enjoy a safe, comfortable, clean and very private space without leaving the festival!


What is Consent?

Hell yes! is the ONLY acceptable word for consent. Don't ask twice, don't insist, blue balls don't exist and it's not consent.
Hell yes! or nothing.


Consent is EVERYTHING for us.
Think of it like the entrance to a nightclub – if you're too intoxicated, entry to our Love Pods will not be allowed as you cannot give consent.

Can we be more than two?

Not yet.. but we're working on it threesomers.
We love you too. :)

Can I rent a capsule by myself?

Our Love Pods are for rest, mediation and intimacy so yes, you can rent one by yourself.

How do we know how long we have left?

When you check in, we give you a very nice timer...

Do you provide condoms and lube?

Our team has you covered... from toothbrushes to phone chargers to condoms.
We're here for you :)

Can I charge people to have sex with me?

We strictly prohibit prostitution on our premises. If any of our staff members suspect any activity that goes against our community rules, you will be asked to leave and denied admission.

What is the LOV+R Label?

With our label, festivals join a community dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of respect, inclusivity, and intimacy for all, creating memorable moments in a secure and welcoming way.

Enhanced Safety and Well-being:

Festivals with Love Pods prioritize the safety and well-being of attendees, particularly women.

Inclusivity and Diversity:

The label signifies a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that all attendees feel welcome and comfortable, including education and prevention desk and quiet zones.

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When a festival is listed as part of the LOV+R network, you can find it on our website and book a slot directly with us.

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