Our Love Pods at Burning Man 2023

August 2023... in the dust and the rain!

Every year, in the Nevada Desert, the Burning Man community creates
a city called BRC and in August 2023,
we were very proud to have 2 Love Pods there...

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 09.24.22.png

Where is Burning Man?

Black Rock CityLovelock,Nevada 89419United States

Burning Man in the Nevada Desert where we had 2 love pods in 2023.

Google Maps
Black Rock City Municipal Airport (88NV), Black Rock Playa, Lovelock, Nevada 89419, United States

Our Skyspace Love Pod was a tribute to James Turrell,
Californian artist, famous for his works with natural light.


Love Pod at night on Open Playa.


Original Drawings of the Skyspace Love Pod

Pod pyramid.jpg

Inside the love pod, the door that you could close behind you.


Building the love pod during build week on Open Playa.


View of the sky and the stars inside the Love Pod.


Vinyl at the entrance of the Love Pod

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 15.15.53.png

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