About us...

At LOV+R, we believe in transforming festivals into unforgettable love-filled experiences.
Our Love Pods initiative brings a touch of magic to every event, fostering connections, inclusivity, and joy. Designed to create immersive, intimate spaces, Love Pods invite festival-goers to explore the beauty of love in all its forms.
Whether you're a festival organizer, a curious soul, or someone seeking extraordinary connections, LOV+R is here to redefine the way we celebrate love.
Join us in this journey of spreading love, positivity, and unforgettable moments.
Let’s make every festival an affair to remember!

LOV+R's Transition to a Non-Profit Organization!

At LOV+R, our commitment to spreading love and creating positive connections has taken a new and exciting turn.
We are thrilled to announce our transition to a non-profit organization.
This strategic move aligns with our core values, emphasizing our dedication to fostering love, inclusivity, and meaningful experiences without the constraints of profit-driven motives.
As a non-profit, we are driven by a collective passion for creating impact and contributing to positive societal change.
Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to redefine the narrative around love, making it accessible and enriching for all.