Our Founder, Josephine Declerck

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Coach | Consultant


Josephine Declerck

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of LOV+R, the Love Pods for festivals
Founder and CEO of AUR+A, the first dating and networking app for smart glasses.

Josephine came up with the idea of Love Pods for festivals at Field Day in August 2022. Standing behind a tall handsome guy at the Chemical Brothers concert, she realised that it would be so much easier if festivals had love pods available for a bit of fun between 2 concerts.

Neurodiverse & ADHD, Josephine is also imagining new products to reduce the Orgasm Gap and improve women relaxation, working on the first pleasuring kit for the office.

Stay tuned! :)


As a speaker, Josephine has the privilege of sharing insights on a diverse range of topics.
Whether it's shedding light on the ventures, LOV+R and AUR+A, or delving into the realms of Love Tech & Dating, Sex Positivity & Security at festivals, Women Empowerment, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Startups & Entrepreneurship, the Power of Creativity, or addressing the unique perspectives of ADHD and Neurodiversity.
She brings passion and expertise to the stage, sparking engaging conversations and fostering meaningful connections.


Coaching people has truly become a pleasure for her in these last few years.

Highly empathic, yet known for my straightforward approach, always getting straight to the point—no time wasting. Typically, 2 to 3 sessions with Josephine are sufficient to help you reach your goals.


As a consultant, she offers expertise in a diverse array of areas, assisting clients with: Sex Positivity and Security at Festivals, Intimacy and dating, SexTech and Dating, Women Empowerment, The Power of Creativity,
ADHD and Neurodiversity, Startups and Entrepreneurship. Her holistic approach and deep understanding of these domains allow her to provide tailored guidance, fostering innovation, inclusivity, and success for her clients