3 Secrets to Female Pleasure: Make Her Cum in 10 Minutes or Less

A few decades back, living in blissful ignorance about female orgasm was somehow socially acceptable.

But these times are gone!

With all the information accessible online, not making your woman cum is just lazy. Yeah, we said it. 

Yet, if you're not there yet, you're not alone. Many men (and women) need help in this department.  

You're lucky because we are about to spill the beans you really wish someone had spilled to you before. 

Here is the deal: 

We tell you how to make her cum in 10 minutes or less, and you leave us a cute little comment if you managed to make it! 

So… Ready for a quick what, when, where?


Here we go!



Women differ, and there is no single sure key to every female, but paying attention to foreplay is more likely to lead your way to a female orgasm than not doing it. 

While it's common for men to be full-on from the moment she gives you THAT look, it tends to be more complex with women. 

The scenery, the talk (you have no idea where listening to her speaking about her day can take you), creating excitement and emotional connection bit by bit — pay attention to these elements if you want her to orgasm.

Otherwise, if you don't bother her coming, start laying the groundwork for intercourse the usual 15 minutes before penetration. Then, get back to wondering why your partner isn't involved, reread our article and try again!

Psychologists call it priming: her mind needs to get ready. It's not the vagina that rules; it's the brain.

The smoother and nicer you make the entire experience, the quicker and more intense her getting there will be. 

Trust us on this one: You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily women cum. You’ll thank us later.

Also, here is an extra piece of advice that you never got from anyone: 

For many women, sex starts HOURS before you get to her panties. The devil is in the making! 


Clitoris and co. 

If you are doing your best, but her orgasms aren't there, both of you may have to update yourselves on anatomical matters. 

According to scientists, people with vaginas may enjoy penetrative sex immensely but may be unable to cum using only this technique. 

For many females, the final push to reach orgasm comes from the direct stimulation of the glans clitoris or clitoral hood (Puppo V, Puppo G. 2015).

Let us reveal some long-time obscured knowledge about this female organ and hacks regarding its stimulation. 

The clitoris includes a glans clitoris, a clit's external part (the one that most people call "clitoris"). The glans is the area of the clitoris with the most nerves, making it highly sensitive to touch.

On top of the glans lies the clitoral hood, formed by the two sides of the connecting labia minora.


How to stimulate the clitoris?

You can do it from the outside or inside — with a penis, fingers or mouth/tongue, or another object like a sex toy, such as a vibrator.

Be inventive; it's fun! Why not incorporate a showerhead if she feels like it? It can work wonders!

Let's not forget that everyone has different anatomical desires. There is no sure way to satisfy everyone with one method. 

The best way to stimulate the clitoris is the one you arrive at with loads of experimentation on your partner's body. 

Otherwise, if you're lucky enough to have a woman with a high level of sexual self-awareness, please her how she instructs you.

Either way, the clitoris is very delicate so start gently. 

Touch, softly press, or stroke it. Try small circular motions, a light tap, and gentle back-and-forth motions. Observe your female and take her where she desperately wants to be — to the most incredible orgasm experience ever! 

Keep in mind that the clitoris is not some kind of magic button — it needs some tackling along the way. 

But when you finally get there, she couldn't be more thankful for the experience. 


Learn the map 

Did you know that you can make her come without touching her vagina?

Many people without vaginas are shocked when they hear the news for the first time. 

Women can orgasm not only through vaginal or clitoral stimulation but also through various other sensory pathways.

So while you struggle to caress her coochie the good way, she can orgasm by stimulating breasts or other erogenous zones. 

Important note: Our orgasms are one of the most personalized experiences one can have. So we are not telling you what to do. We are here to give tips!

Let's review what kinds of orgasms women have.

A clitoral orgasm is the closest to a male orgasm, where the clitoris becomes engorged or erect. This orgasm provides a feeling of release. After this one, it may feel uncomfortable to continue.

The next one is a vaginal orgasm. Some women describe an orgasm deriving from the stimulation of the vagina as "deeper" and more intense. 

Women can orgasm thanks to the stimulation of their nipples or many other erogenous zones or with the use of sexual imagery. They can have one of these kinds of orgasms repetitively or switch from one to another, depending on what activity they engage in at the moment.

There is A LOT to discover in the female orgasm department. 

We are so glad you didn't miss that lesson! 



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